Be Aware of Everything

Be Aware of Everything

If you remember nothing else about safety while flying; remember this – be aware of everything!!


A few things I’ve learned from traveling is to pay attention to as many things as you can possible take in.  Prior to your trip one of the most important thing to put in place is to make sure that you have a copy of all important documents. Make a colored copy of your passport as well as keep a photo in your phone. This will be your security in case you lose your actual passport. Do the same for visas, especially those that apply to the trip at hand. Never keep these copies in the same place as the original documents. There are a lot of things that you are responsible for when traveling and to have a lost important document would really put a damper on your trip as well as take a lot of extra time out of your schedule to resolve the situation. Mistakes happen daily and this method will add an extra security measure to your ventures.

When it comes to your credit cards the best method of protection besides calling your credit card company to tell them of your travel plans including location and dates; is taking a photo of the back of your card. This is typically where your card contact information is printed. In this case if your card is stolen you have the card info to call the card company and report the incident.

Airports around the world have increased security checks, sometimes resulting in long lines and delays.  Getting to the airport in plenty of time is advised. Sometimes however it also leaves you with a lot of free time in the airport. Use this free time wisely to secure last minute details that you couldn’t get to before leaving your home.  It is also a good time to maybe purchase a gift for someone (including you). With so much going on it can be easy to miss certain things that are important to your departure, and so once you have checked in, gone through security and identified your gate, take a few moments to place your passport in a reachable location since you may need it to fill out your customs form. Your passport is best located in your pocket or in a purse that you will keep with you in your seat. This time out can also be good for doing one last check on your emails, placing your house and car keys in a secure location and making sure your phone company is aware of your travel plans.

Before any long flight, after you have checked in and identified your gate, walk around as much as possible as this will aid in circulation since there will be a lot of sitting while on the flight. While on the plane it’s best to get up and walk around for a bit once every 3-4 hours (if you are not sleeping :). A quick walk to the bathroom or up and down the aisle is a good practice to help in ensuring your legs don’t get too cramped. . Comfortable shoes are a must when travelling; the best option actually is to wear comfy socks during the flight. Most times you are not able to tell if your circulation is OK while on the flight until you are ready to disembark. Sleeping is always a great option. Your body will be in a more relaxed state and it helps to pass the time.  Comfort is very important but not your number one priority. Keep a bottle of water handy as the air could get dry, keep in mind however the more you drink the more you’ll need to make a bathroom run, so keep it in small amounts.

One final tip- while you are in the airports it is helpful is pay attention to everything. Double check you flight status, making sure you are still on time or delayed. Browse the food areas to prepare yourself adequately for in-between snacks if needed. This is especially useful if have dietary restrictions or if your airline typically don’t supply what you will need. Pay attention to the announcements within the airport as there may be changes in your departure time and gate. Watch out for your belongings at all times. Always do a check on your travel documents.