8 ways you know you’ve found a good travel partner.

Most people desire to travel, and are lured by the thought of exotic locations and a carefree schedule. When it comes down to finalizing plans and making it happen, the persons you hope to invite oftentimes range from 10 to 1, even none.  We will all agree that traveling takes a lot of pre-planning. This includes financial planning, ensuring we can take the allotted vacation days from work, and organizing our schedule so that everything will be in order, both at home and work while we are away.

When the travel bug hits however, our focus oftentimes can become centered on doing only what it takes to make that trip happen. It’s rare that one can find people with the same desire as you for traveling, and someone compatible who will enjoy the same things you enjoy doing.  Sometimes, to convince that person, our plans have to include an “awesome trip, with cheap flights and great hotel deals, not to mention fascinating tours” to convince them to accompany you on your travel.  When you find a travelling partner  willing to take that adventure with you regardless of potential obstacles, my advice would be to hold on to that travel companion.

So, here are 8 tips I recommend that will help you know whether you’ve found a like-minded travel partner:

1.    You know them well enough to spend 5 days with them.

They say that you truly get to know someone when you travel with them. This is so true. You will have to spend a lot of time together while traveling so there are characteristics that may show themselves from time to time that you may not have seen before.  Being in another country or a new environment can be challenging, so there’s always the possibility that your travel partner’s ability to adapt can be tested. Traveling with someone who is adaptable to any circumstances is always a plus.


2.    They are adventurous, a great lover of novelty, and are willing to embrace the whole experience.


3.    Can adapt to the travel location.

This world has so much to offer and one of the beauties of traveling is that each country offers something unique. The goal while at that location is to venture into activities that are unique to that country.



4.    Willing to learn and be open-minded about what they may see and experience

You should travel with someone who is not looking for the food, wine, etc., from their country, but rather embrace the smells, sounds, taste and the entire vibe of the country to which they travel.




5.    Has few issues with sharing and willing to work thru sharing responsibilities

If I get the dinner tab tonight, then you get the dinner tab the next day I take your IG pics, you take mine | You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Some of my best IG pics are from my travel BFF. She is willing to work with me to get the perfect shot with no complaints!



6.    Is not into “drama” and resolves issues quickly

Let us all agree to disagree, and “keep it moving”



7.     Appreciates the little things in life, and grows from the experience


8.    Someone who loves to travel and has the patience to deal with possibly long layovers and trip re-arrangements.

I have traveled with all types of persons. From my experience, these 8 tips have helped me to have a great travel experience, wherein I have embraced and learned to appreciate all the different cultures, and am able to see people through unfiltered lenses.

There are very few people I question whether I’d have a great time traveling with them or not. With the intention to fully enjoy each travel experience, having a great travel partner eliminates that added stress.