A random trip to South Africa

A random trip to South Africa

I randomly took a trip to Cape Town, South Africa and was truly amazed. Yes, South Africa was about an 18-hour flight for me, but when my friend told me she was going to attend the International child and youth care conference. I had to take the opportunity to visit this controversial country I read and heard so much about.

The thought of seeing the country Mandela fought for excited me. The place apartheid occurred and ended became inviting. South Africa for me until that moment, was a location marked in history as being a sad era for native Africans and especially for Nelson Mandela and his party. Although I knew very little about South Africa prior to my visit, nothing I read or heard could prepare me for what I experienced. This was my second trip to the African continent, Egypt being the first.  This time I visited a completely different section of the African continent, with a completely different culture, which to me, in so many way felt like another world.

Upon landing I was immediately reminded of home (Jamaica) by the distinct British accents that had a slight variation that made it unique. All around I saw service employees who were well dressed in the uniform of the company where they were employed. I could see distinction, precision and royalty in their mode of dress and overall attitude. I inevitably became excited to see all that South Africa had to offer, and with each day I was NOT disappointed.

Cape Town was a very refreshing and delightful surprise. It reminded me of England and my grandmother who taught us that you didn’t have to be rich to have class. This is the town where tea time was special and demitasse were still being used in coffee shops; where each store no matter how small, was very well branded from the door sign to the napkin holders; where food tasted amazing and you had the pick of dishes from every continent.

Cape Town at the south tip of the African continent seemed to possess everything. Whales and penguins and flamingo and safaris and wine, Aaah the wine.

I will be posting more posts about the tours I took while in Cape Town. Stay posted for more info to come.