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Egyptian Culture

All the need to knows for Egypt

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Electic Adapter

Portable Chargers

It will be a good idea to have a portable charger with you – there are several photo opportunity and once we leave the hotel we will have activities for a good part of the day before returning to the hotel


$1 USD =

$15.66 Egyptian Pounds


are relatively easy in cities but since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside of populated areas, you’ll need to carefully plan and manage your money.

General Arabic Words

naam. Yes.

laa. No.

min faDlik. Please.

shukran. Thank you.

äafwan. You’re welcome.

aläafw. Excuse me.

arjuu almaädhira. I am sorry.

sabaaH alkhayr. Good morning.

masaa’ alkhayr. Good evening.

tuSbiH äalaa khayr. Good night.

Be Prepared to Bargain

As in most Middle Eastern countries, prices for most things you’ll buy (other than goods in grocery and convenience stores and a few fix-price stores) are not set, and you are expected to bargain with the seller until you agree on a price which theoretically satisfies both parties. 


You’ll quickly learn that the culture of tipping is quite aggressive. In general, 10% is the rule of thumb for restaurants and tours.


The tap water in Egypt is heavily chlorinated and tastes terrible. It’s okay for brushing your teeth with, but don’t drink it. Especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Use bottled water at all times for drinking. Keep water with you throughout your day and stay hydrated. It’s super hot in the daytime.


Egypt is dusty, sandy, and dirty. As a general rule, wear loose-fitting clothes that are made of breathable material.

While Egypt is one of the more liberal Islamic countries, it has become more conservative in recent years with many women wearing a hijab or headscarf. Female tourists aren’t obligated to wear these but you may feel more at ease doing so, especially in mosques.

As a general rule, avoid showing your chest, shoulders, or legs below the knees.


However hot and tempting it may be to wear flip flops, with all the dirt, sand, and grime present, I recommend wearing closed-toe shoes.

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking in some pretty unclean areas and the last thing you want is having dirty feet all day.